Saturday, May 17, 2008

moving to a better place!

hello all! you have probably been wondering why i havnt been posting for ages... well the reason is that ive been moving my blog!!! i have moved manga pandas otaku blog to wordpress! and i am very happy about it! the reasons i am not happy with blogger are

1.) blogger does not offer any professional looking templates!!! they are all in the moddle of the page with huge spaces on each side. when i download a new template i must switch to classic and ditch all my elements .
2.) they dont offer pages. wordpress lets you make as many pages as you want. with proper links to them at the top of the page.
3.) all my fave blogs are on wordpress and im sick of blogger.

the new blog is much much better and im sure you will like it much much more!!

it is at : please visit and update your blogrolls!!!

i have one thing to say to blogger... sayonara ^_^

-manga panda the grape dragon otaku ^_^

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Here is a poll from my blogflux!

-manga panda